Friday, May 3, 2013

Kit Costume and AG Kit Dress

You can't see my "happy dance", but I am rejoicing to have reached my goal of making my daughter a time-period costume and her American Girl doll a dress for each time period they studied in a girl's literature club over the last year!  

NINE dresses in ALL!

CC Marilyn and Keepers "1930s Frock"

Kit's Girl Costume Dress

Marilyn by Children's Corner (OOP, but found one on Esty)
Virginia by Children's Corner for collar

Changes to pattern: 
1. Added another scallop to the front to match the AG doll dress.
2.  Took a few inches off the sleeve cap so it wasn't so tall and full.
3.  Added Virgina collar to match the AG doll dress.
4.  Added rick-rack trim in the same places as the doll dress.

Blue background with red roses, I think it is by Timeless Treasures, but not positive.

Kit Doll Dress

Keepers Dolly Duds Designs "1930s Frock"
Sold on Esty's Thimbles and Acorns site.

Same print from girl's dress

The "1930s Frock" dress is fast and easy to make.  A great fitting pattern and well drafted.

So, what have I accomplished through this exercise:

1.  I have toned my pattern re-drafting muscles by taking a few existing patterns and revamping them to my needs.  By doing it for fun, it isn't very intimidating to try for "real" dresses.
2.  Used up LOTS of fabric.  Some from my stash and a few new yards.
3.  Used many of those AG patterns I always thought I would get around to using. 
4.  Made my daughter very happy and well dressed on literature club days.

I made nine "almost" matching dresses, tell me which one is your favorite:


So, what is my new sewing adventure?

Summer Sewing School

Teaching a few sewing lessons for my daughter and her friends.


  1. Congratulations on completing the adventure! Mostly, thank you for allowing us to follow along. Sounds like your summer will be busy, but full of many memorable and meaningful moments for some lucky girls!

  2. What beautiful work! What a super mom you are. You have created precious memories for you daughter that she will cherish all of her life. And you're introducing sewing to a new generation - wonderful. Plus what fun you will have teaching those lucky little ladies.

  3. Ah! Such a precious journey that I enjoyed!

  4. That's a tough question.... I think Kirsten is my favorite. Or maybe Felicity. Or the Christmas dress!! :) It's a wonderful thing you've done with your daughter!

  5. I agree, very tough question. Josefina, Felicity or maybe the Christmas dress. You have created memories you and your daughter will cherish forever. Thank you for sharing. My dd is long past her American Girl years but your posts always bring back good memories.

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I just love all these dresses you've sewn with the matching doll dresses. Your work is beautiful!

  7. Nice accomplishment! The club sounds like a wonderful idea. I can't pick my favorite dress, they all look beautiful, nicely done!

  8. What a great gift! I love all the dresses. You did a fabulous job.