Saturday, April 27, 2013

Patchwork Twirl Dress. McCall's M6497

Last summer my daughter was with me on a pattern shopping trip and found this sweet dress.  I told her  it would be no problem to whip up.  (I was thinking about what a clever way to use up some scraps.)

McCall's M6497

I did make this at the end of last summer, but it was so large (size 8) I put it away for this spring.

McCall's M6497

A few notes about this dress if you have a cutie that wants a patchwork dress:

1.  It doesn't take a few scraps to make this dress, but almost 6 yards of fabric.
2.  It runs VERY large.
3.  The directions for putting together the patchwork skirt are "interesting."  
4.  It doesn't have a placket in the back.  The back bodice is sewn to the skirt.  Since it is so large, I doubt anyone will have problems with trying to get it onto a little body.

Back view of McCall's 6497

This skirt make a girl twirl!

Can you see the 6 yards of fabric?


  1. Ahhhhh! I just love that Sandi Henderson! ;)

    I saw you on the Midnight Oil Smocker's blog. I was blessed to attend a Lyn Weeks workshop last year; isn't she awesome?!

    1. I loved Lyn Weeks so much I signed up for her pre-day class at SAGA convention! I can't wait to finish Frannie.