Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kaya Costume

Kaya Costume from CC Lillian and NL6668.

My daughter is reading the American Girl historical books and doing a literature club with girls her age.  The first book is Kaya, so we had to dress up like Kaya.

Fabric details:

I found the brown suede at Joann's.  It came with a border trim, that I used for the bottom of both dresses.  Joann's fabric buyer should try to sew on this suede.  It dulled my needle so quickly, I almost didn't think I was going to finish the dress.  It made me switch from putting a zipper in the costume to velcro.  The tan ribbon was from my stash.  Kaya's ribbon detail is a solid ribbon that I triple stitched with blue to copy the larger ribbon in the girl's dress.

The metal decorations are from Tandy Leather Factory.  Joann's sold the leather string, pony beads, and trim to finish the cape.

Pattern details:

The girl's dress pattern is from Children's Corner Lillian and the cape is from New Look 6668.  I redrafted the neck of the cape to match Lillian's neckline.  The cape is also shortened to elbow length. 
Kaya's dress is from Heritage Doll Fashions "Ruffled T-shirt Dress."  The cape is from McCall's M6526.  I also redrafted the doll cape to match the dress and shorted it.

Next month is Felicity..........


  1. LOVE THIS! Bravo! The details are perfect! I remember the days of dress-up... now they're all grown! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Wow! Looks great! And your daughter looks so pleased! I agree with the previous commenter: the details ARE perfect!