Sunday, May 24, 2015

My New Sewing Studio

I moved from my gorgeous first floor studio to the new and improved second floor dream space.  

In the last two weeks, I have changed a school/library room to my dream sewing space. 
 (Even better that it has TWO huge walk-in closets that are not on the photo tour.)

Let me take you on a picture tour:

The center of the room has a huge cutting table with cubbies underneath. 
My New Space

New wall decorations inspired by Patchwork and Quilting, Issue 17.

Main Wall
 The two sewing tables can be moved and machines rearranged to accommodate many students and sewing needs.
Sewing Tables

The room's claim to fame is the wall of bookcases.  We had these built when we moved into the house 9 years ago to hold most of my homeschool books.  The front three bookcases roll back and forth to allow you to access the back four bookcases.  I took the time to roll my fabric on comic book inserts and organize it by fabric type.  After finding all those boxes of fabric hidden all over the house, I need a good kick if you find me in a fabric store in the next few months.
The "Wall"
Quilting Cottons
Bottom Weights, Corduroy and Pique

Shirt Weight, Rayons, and Boucle

Books, Magazines, and Patterns
More Books, Magazines, and Patterns

Wall art (because behind the door must look cute)
Wall art

Ironing station

 I whipped up the four curtains to add some character to the room this week.  I spent Friday afternoon on the spool wall decorations.

My little corner

Machines for students

Drawers of thread

So happy with my wall

Shirt weight fabrics in pink

Purples to blues.....
Do you like it?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A new stylish black dress, B6169

Lisette B6169

I am still alive and sewing, even though I can't find time to blog many projects.  Spring is always crazy busy with four kids.  Schedules should settle after school is out.

Black with white paint spots lightweight cotton broadcloth from Fabrique Fabrics in Plano, TX.
Black lining 

Butterick, B6169 View B

Fitting Alterations:
Added to the side front princess panels about 3/4" for a full bust adjustment.  (Actually added it to the center front too, but took it out when I saw how full it looked.)
Took off about 1 1/2" height from the shoulder yoke on front and back.

The real story:
I was shopping at Fabrique Fabrics during a state basketball tournament earlier this spring.  When you have this starry gaze in your eyes as you look at fabric, the shop owner recognizes that look and runs the to back to open her newest shipment of fabric.  Out comes this print and a few others I couldn't live without.  In the spur of the moment, I think I bought 3 yards.  Problem arises when the dress I want to make calls for 4 yards.  
Solution:  Line the dress and the belt.  Remarkably, the belt with one side of lining fabric always falls to the print side.  You can't even tell I cheated.  I was going to skip the pockets, but I had enough fabric for the front side of the pocket and the back is in lining fabric.

The Summation:
I usually run from anything that is "loosely" fitted.  It is a clue to the experienced sewer that it will fit like a bag.  Somewhere I noticed the designer, Liesl Gibson, say that she challenged us to try a loosely fitted garment and find it flattering.  
I think this one passes the test.  It is comfortable and easy to wear.  

I wore if for a special day, my grandma turned 100 years old over the weekend.  

Lisette B6169
My sister and I with my grandma on her 100th birthday.

A few of the family came to church with my grandma as her family gift for her 100th birthday.