Sunday, November 18, 2012

American Girl Josefina Costume

Josefina Costume

November's literature club highlighted "Josefina."  Josefina has so many pretty clothes, it was hard to pick which ensemble to whip up.  Shopping for good fabric, I found a great red print and an off-white satin broadcloth.  

Girl's Josefina Dress Details:

Pattern:  Blouse is a redraft of Virginia by, Children's Corner.
Skirt was self-drafted pattern (large rectangle gathered to a waistband.)
Belt was self-drafted.

Details: Flower embroidery trim was used around the neck and sleeve area.
Embroidered ribbon was used at the top of the red section of the skirt.
Black Soutache braid was applied to the skirt in rows and swirls.
Black grosgrain ribbon was used at the lower hem of the skirt.

Side view of skirt details.

Bodice embroidered trim details.

Lessons learned:

1.  My daughter is the same size from her underarms to below the hips.  This is the first skirt I have made without elastic in the back.  It is the last skirt without elastic that will be made until she has something to hang a skirt on.
2.  Sewline's Fabric Glue Pen was the only way to apply the Soutache Braid without losing your mind.  I glued down the braid and then straight stitched it on the doll's dress and zigzagged it to the girl's dress.

Josefina's dress

Josefina's Dress Details:

Pattern: Free pattern from Pleasant Company,
Camisa and Birthday skirt.  

Details for the doll dress are the same, but with smaller proportions.

Happy with Josefina!
Next month is an American Girl Christmas party!  I have already started on the dresses......


  1. I love the comment "without losing your mind." My mind, would have been out the window quickly. Beautiful outfits and it trying is a labor of love.

  2. Wow!! It looks great! I have some vintage soutache braid in my stash, and I wondered what one would do with it.

  3. Bravo X3!!! Looks wonderful...and she obviously LOVES it!