Friday, March 1, 2013

Samantha's Ice Cream Dress for AG Doll and Girl

Samantha's Ice Cream Dress, LJP and CC Rose

At the beginning of the school year, I challenged myself to complete a historical doll and girl dress each month.  My daughter has been attending a girl's literature club that is reading through the American Girl Doll books in chronological order.  This month was Samantha's month.  Samantha's time period is 1904.  Since Samantha is retired, there weren't a lot of new patterns, but enough to make it a tough decision.  

Heritage Doll Fashions sells the pattern for Samantha's Ice Cream Dress at Liberty Jane Patterns.  This seemed to be an easy choice and finding white broadcloth and black ribbon would be a cinch.  So, I quickly whipped up the doll dress according to the pattern instructions.  Easy enough.

I was left with designing a girl's dress to match.  It really wasn't that difficult.  I found Children's Corner Rose has a round collar and a gathered bodice that went to a size 8.  I added a little fullness to my dress bodice and added the pleated ruffle with black ribbon. 
Children's Corner Rose Pattern

I left the sleeve shape alone, but added a small cuff with the black ribbon detail.

Back view of Samantha's Ice Cream Dress

I added a dropped waistband and then the gathered skirt.  A quick placket in the skirt let me add black buttons down the back of the dress.  Presto, my daughter was transported back to 1904 fashions.

It was a very sunny day in South Texas making a good shot difficult to get at noon.  Glad I got these pictures, because I found my daughter in the chicken house chasing chickens in THIS dress after she finished literature club!

Next month is Rebecca and her dress has already been cut out!!!

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  1. That's very cute! I really enjoyed reading through the American Girl books with my daughter when she was younger. My mom did make Samantha a beautiful wardrobe one Christmas, but I never did make my daughter a matching outfit. What fun memories for your daughter!