Sunday, November 23, 2014

Simplicity 1465, done in almost couture fashion

Simplicity 1465

This pink printed corduroy has bounced around in my fabric stash for a few years.  Every project got scratched before it began with this fabric.

My stash is out of control, so I must sew it up!!

Simplicity 1465, View C

My figure has no need for long darts.  I drew in blue ink the new dart.  
(I call it four children hips.)
My new dart for Simplicity 1465

Pink printed stretch corduroy from my stash.  Most likely 8 years old.

Simplicity 1465

A little rain last night to make this outfit comfy, but the high today is 80!

Back view of Simplicty 1465


After my first almost couture skirt, I was in love!!!

So, this skirt is underlined with cotton batiste.
Pink polyester lining.
Hand basted seams to match the print. 
Catch stitched seam allowances.
Petersham ribbon waistband.

Petersham ribbon waistband

Best of all - a handpicked zipper!!!
Both sides of the skirt match!!

Handpicked zipper

Can't wait to do some Thanksgiving week sewing!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Tween Fashion

After sewing with high quality fabric for years, my girl has developed a passion for polyester chiffon.  Polyester chiffon is like junk food for a seamstress.

She found a cute top at a local department store.  So, mom can duplicate it she thought.

Merged Simplicity 1334 and McCall's M6499 for tween fashion

The top was a peplum with a chiffon overlay.  So, I picked Simplicity 1334 (View C) and McCalls M6499 (View A without waist elastic) and merged them.  Merging was done by tracing off the patterns and then altering the neckline until they were the same.  Lengthened the overlay.  Cut the peplum in half (lengthwise) and used knit on the top part and chiffon on the bottom.

Skirt is Simplicity 1334, View D

She loves the movement of the top.

Top - Orange cotton jersey for the body of the top.
Orange polyester chiffon for the bottom of the peplum skirt and the overlay.

Skirt - Black rayon double knit.

She is ready for fall.

1.  Used fold-over elastic on the armholes.
2.  Serged a rolled hem on the chiffon.  It would be better to fold and hem it.  Unfortunately, polyester chiffon doesn't like the hot iron. 
3.  Simplicity 1334 is a SHORT top.  Next top I will lengthen the body.
4.  Added clear elastic to the neckline to control the shape.

I have no idea why we wear hair bands on our wrists!

Have fun preparing for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My LBD (Little Black Dress), Burda 7081

Burda 7081 LBD

I finished my little black dress late in the summer season.  Well after my trip to Alaska, where it would have been a perfect dinner dress on the cruise.  So, it has sat in my sewing room and closet.  But I found a cute pin on Pinterest that let me wear it further into the fall season.  (Ok, fall just arrive in Texas......we hit a low of 50.)

My Pinterest Pin with the LBD, denim jacket, and black boots.
Stylin' almost like Pinterest.  My husband said this outfit looks fine if you are going for a nice black dress with a denim jacket.  He couldn't understand why I would cover up the dress.  

Burda 7081,View A

Black rayon double knit
with tricot knit for lining (regretting this decision, it wants to stick to me)
Both from High Fashion Fabrics in Houston.

No problems with the pattern.  It went together well.

Oh, my!!!!
I used a good part of my engineering degree to fit this dress.  
Square neckline + asymmetrical shoulders = fitting nightmare

I started with fitting the dress, which is not too bad, it has princess lines.  Then, comes the straps/sleeve.  The left and right pieces are no where close to being alike to get a fit, but they have to appear alike or the dress doesn't appear symmetrical.  It took a couple of tries, but I worked it out!!!  

Burda 7081

Side view

Back view with string hanging off me and wrinkles on my seat.  My photographer isn't into details or delaying  this whole process.  It is wonderful that my husband humors me enough to take a few good shots.