Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ruffles and Boho Chic

Indigo Ruffle Skirt with graduated layers of ruffles

Washed Black Boho Ruffle Skirt

I have found the grown-up version of the little girl's twirly skirt.  
It is the full Boho ruffle skirt for adults.

Washed black 2" Boho Ruffles from Ruffle fabric.  

Vintage Indigo Crescendo Ruffles from Ruffle fabric

Elastic waistband from Ruffle fabric.

Ruffle Fabric handed out a postcard with pattern directions at the International Quilt Market.  

The skirt sides were serged together.  The waistband was coverstitched on.  
No hem.  Took longer to pin those ruffles in the right direction then to sew.

A cascade of Boho ruffles

RTW jacket with my wonky shoulders doesn't hang straight.  Pictures don't lie.

Indigo cascade of ruffles.

Love my grown-up twirly skirt.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

TBT to 1972 and Simplicity 9731

I love looking at old patterns on Pinterest.  
A few came through my feed this week that touched my heart.  
This is one:  Simplicity 9731.  
My mom made this dress for me in 1972.  
She made my sister the one with the doll on the front, but I can't find a picture of it.  
My mother always loved my sewing adventures.......

Me in 1972 with my grandma, mom, and great-grandma.

Simplicity 9731

Take pictures of all those precious outfits you make.  
They will be treasured memories one day.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wee Care Gowns

Wee Care is such a special privilege.  You have the opportunity to touch another's life.  I can't stitch one without praying for the family that will receive it.  

My local SAGA group constructs these gowns in an assembly line fashion a few times a year.  
A whole room of cutters, sewers, pleaters and ironists.  
Lots of noise and lots of work.

I think our guild has adapted their own version of the SAGA gown, upon request from our local hospitals.  I have found the little booklets from Debbie Glenn are wonderful for smocking these gowns.  These plate are from Smocked Minatures VI.

Trying to take pictures of white Wee Care Gowns is almost impossible.  
The color just never comes out right, so just think about white batiste and simple smocking.

XL Wee Care Gown in blue "Blessings" plate from Debbie Glenn

Smocking detail

Tiny Wee Care Gown with blue "Peaches and Cream" smocking plate

Smocking detail

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Lee," THE Classic

I have lost count of how many Children's Corner "Lee" Dresses I have made.  
I never grow tired of this gold standard of a dress.

"Lee" by Children's Corner

Children's Corner "Lee" dress
Children's Corner "Hillary" sleeve (one of my favorites)
Smocking Plate "Daisy Mae" from AS&E 62
Old package of teal petite piping

Art Gallery Voile print

I am in love with using the sleeve from "Hillary."
In person the smocking doesn't appear so dark, but it is darker than I would like.  I can't decide it I should have gone a shade lighter or if the dark is needed to cover the abstract floral pattern.  
I seldom pick an off-white background for a smocked dress.  But I have had multiple ladies try to buy this dress for a red headed girl.  It would be a perfect match.
Dress on display at CJ's Quilt Shop.


Lee with Hillary sleeves

Smocking details