Sunday, June 30, 2013

Psychedelic Stripes for Vogue Dress V8724

Vogue 8724


Vogue 8724 is labeled a "very easy" pattern and it is a quite simple and straight-forward pattern.  I did change the bust darts to gathers since my fabric was a little stiff.  After a quick tissue-fit, I found the waist low on me (unusual), so I tucked out a 1/2" on the front and back.


I found this super smooth ITY cotton jersey at the American Sewing Guild National Convention last summer.  It is a tiny black and cream stripe.  Wearing it is cool and comfortable, but photographing it turns it into a psychedelic outfit!  At least you can see the pattern results from the pictures.

Hard to photo black and cream stripes!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Knit Dress, New Look 6221

New Look 6221, Chez Ami fabric

Last summer I bought beautiful knits from Chez Ami.  It was at the end of summer and I never got around to using them.  SO, this summer I intend to use them.  I love these knits because they hang, laundry, and sew well.

Knit sewing patterns for girls are hard to find and even harder to find in a variety of styles.  So, I used a woven pattern for this dress.  I used the size she would normally wear but was able to make sure it fit with the elastic in the back.  The white straps were supposed to be ribbon, but I used white knit.

I serged all the seams and coverstitched the hems.  I then attempted to top-stitch the white straps onto the front of the dress.  Since it is a knit, I figured I should used a stretch stitch.  That thought led to using a single needle on my coverstitich machine.  Well, after a few attempts to sew straight, I wanted to scream!  It is much like trying to topstitch with a serger, one bulky foot and not much mobility.  

Cute summer dress, just don't check out the topstitching on the straps!

Back view,  New Look 6221

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Black Gauze Skirt, Simplicity 1662

Simplicity 1662

This is one of those new higher in the front skirts that are so popular at stores.  I used an inexpensive black gauze and lined it with black lining fabric.  It has a simple elastic waistband.  I did make the waistband using the serger and coverstitch machine, so it would look more professional.

Black is such an impossible color to photograph details!  So here is the pattern envelope.

Simplicity 1662

This is a very comfortable skirt and was very cheap to make.  The gauze was less than $10 and the lining was from my stash!  It is a great style!