Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Dress 2016, Simplicity 8065

When my daughter started designing an Easter dress last week, I hopped into action and made it in a few days.  At twelve, I never know how many more request I will get.

Simplicity 8065

Simplicity 8065, View B

Rayon woven pink and cream dot
cream lace from
cream lining fabric

Construction details:
I made a "by the pattern" size 12.  Pleasantly surprised that we have grown and can fill it in width.  I might have wished to add an inch in length, because she will only grow taller.

The lace overlay was serged together and then sewn as one with the dress.  The zipper was hand-picked due to the bulk of the lace. The lining was added and sewn to the dress at the neckline.  

So after the sweet dress was made, she got a call to be on the kid's praise team for Easter Sunday and so she wears black leggings and a bright t-shirt.  

He is Risen.

My girl is wonderful, she isn't fazed by the almost 2,000 people behind me.