Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Sewing, Butterick B6026

Blouse, Butterick B6026, Skirt, Self drafted from sloper both from Lisette fabrics from JoAnn's.

My part of the country went from wet to hot overnight!!!  
(I could hardly open my eyes for this picture because the light was so bright this morning.)

This sleeveless top is a must for hot and sticky weather.  

Blouse, Butterick B6026, View A
Skirt, Self Drafted from sloper

Green print stretch broadcloth from the Lisette Collection from JoAnn's.
Green twill from the Lisette Collection from JoAnn's.
Both fabrics have been in my stash for a little while, ok, maybe a few years.

As many different garments I have sewn, I had never done a stand collar before.  The instructions were great in the pattern.  No problems.  I knew that my goal was to have both sides exactly the same.  Miraculously, it occurred without seam ripping or tears on my part.  

The skirt was a simple A-line with a side invisible zipper and a Petersham waistband.  I need to make one of these skirts in every color of the rainbow.  

Always my issue!!!

See the following pattern piece pictures to see my adjustments.  The back is still a little too wide, so I may take the back darts in a little.  The back photo has some fabric pulled to the front.  
There was too much shirt from the bust line to the shoulder, so a fold there.  Adjustment for shoulder slope.  Added an armhole bust dart to take up the extra fabric.  

Too much shirt vertically from the armhole to the shoulder.  See the fold line.  By folding here, I was hoping to not have to redraft the armhole.  Shoulder slope adjusted.  

A little too much fabric in the back. I had about an inch pulled to the front.  Hence, a few wrinkles.

Butterick B6026 from Lisette Fabric from JoAnn's.

Not bad details!  I love this shirt!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your fitting solutions. Like you I have sloping shoulders. I did not realise you could add an armhole dart -