Sunday, June 21, 2015

Found a New Favorite, Colette's Myrtle

A new favorite dress pattern, 

Colette Patterns, Myrtle, Version 1

Poly knit pink and black paisley from Fabric Mart

Fit and Construction Changes:
1.  Took out the extra bodice and back height so I could serge a clear elastic waistband inside the dress.  See below pictures.
2.  Changed the shoulder slope on the back pattern piece.
3.  Used a Med size back and a Large on the front to eliminate the FBA.
4.  Cut the skirt back on the fold.

My Thoughts:
1.  This pattern gets an A+ on the bodice construction!  
2.  Eliminating the bulk of a casing for the waist is a plus!
3.  This knit is wonderful.  Wonderful to sew.  Wonderful to drape. Wonderful to wear!
4.  This dress will be made again.
5.  From the time I opened the pattern to putting on the dress took 2 1/2 hours.  Includes: tracing the pattern, fitting from my sloper, threading mess with the serger, sewing it together and giving it a quick press.

Back pattern piece.  Removed about 1 1/4" height.

Front pattern piece.  Removed 1 1/4" height from both the inside and outside layers.

Back waistline.  Pinned the skirt and bodice together.  Pinned clear elastic (cut to my waist measurement) where the seam line would be stitched.  Machine basted with a long stitch length, stretching the clear elastic to match the fabric.  Best to do this in quarter sections. After basting, I serger the two fabrics together catching the elastic in the stitching.  

Front waistline.

Side view
Love the drape.  

Back view.