Monday, September 22, 2014

Modern Vintage Smocked Square Yoke "Lee" by Children's Corner

"Lee" by Children's Corner

Would you like to learn to smock? 

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October 4th & 10th

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Size 1 "Lee" by Children's Corner

"Lee" from Children's Corner
I wanted a retro feel for the dress, so I used the sleeve from "Hillary" by Children's Corner.
size 1 for a shop display
Self designed smocking plate
Changed the back sash to a 1" knot tie, instead of the thicker sash with a bow tie.

"To die for" Praline Honey from Art Gallery Fabrics
This is a voile print that sews like silk.  The drape and feel is a dream!!!
The fabric can be found at CJ's Quilt Shop.
Collar is white cotton with brown petite piping.

Sleeve from "Hillary" by Children's Corner

Smocking detail

Back View

Hope you like it!  Hope to find a few new smockers!!!


  1. It's beautiful !! I think auto-correct gotya on the last line it says "smokers"

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I find most of the autocorrects, but sometimes I miss one. Auto correct does not have a sewing vocabulary!

  2. Your collar is flawless! I cant get over how smooth and symmetrical are the curves!
    how is the brown seam allowance not showing through the white fabric?

    1. Collars: Can't remember where I picked it up, but I use German interfacing in the top layer. I sew down the piping. Add the bottom of the collar and stitch. Then I will stitch about 1/8" away from the first stitching. Then cut close to the stitching. Using this technique helps to keep the piping from showing and makes it curve beautifully. My other trick is to hand baste the collar to the dress to make sure it doesn't move when I sew the collar down.

  3. Lee is one of my favorite patterns. The first little dress I made many, many years ago was Lee. Love the plain smocking on the beautiful print. Good job!

  4. Love everything about this's simply beautiful. I haven't stitched smocking in about 30 years. That was for my niece, and now she has a baby girl. I think I need to make this for her!