Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Girl's Style, New Look 6297 & McCall's M6499

McCall's M6499 and New Look 6297

One young girl at my house is "into" picking her own style.  She "shops" through my fabric and patterns.  She found this Simplicity 1622 pattern and wanted it for herself.  Not phased by the fact it was for a more "mature" lady, she dug through fabric to find her dream dress.

The girl's pick for a new dress.

Mom's pick for the top
Mom's pick for the dress

Thankfully, I found a girl's top and dress pattern to use for this wonderful idea.  

McCall's M6499
View B without elastic at the waist.
Done is polyester chiffon butterflies.
There is no fit factor in this top, but my daughter loves it.

New Look 6297
View D
Purple bamboo knit.
So glad I have a top to go over this dress.  The tank top sleeves are a little large or it could be the stretch in the bamboo knit.
I used clear elastic at the waist and serged the top, bottom, and clear elastic together in the seam.
Used fold over elastic on the neck and armholes.
Coverstitched the hem.
Fits and hangs great!!

Sleeves on McCall's M6499
Front view of McCall's M6499



  1. What a cute outfit! I especially love the skirt hem. I am glad to see that your mother/daughter creative collaboration is going so well:)

  2. Popped in to take a look at your New Look dress/nightgown, and saw this. I love your daughter's taste in clothes!