Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ready for Fall with New Look 6301

New Look 6301

New Look 6301, View A

Brown organic cotton jersey
Can't remember if I got it from or High Fashion Fabrics.
Tends to want to stick to itself........

Easy to follow directions.  
Used knit stay tapes on the neckline.
Changed the neckline edging to a narrow strip and then topstitched down the edging.
Used clear elastic serged to the waist seam.  
See the following pictures:
Serged clear elastic to waist seam

Front neckline topstitched

Fitting Notes:

The belt is TOO SHORT!  It needs a few more inches.
I needed a FBA adjustment, sloped shoulder adjustment, and a little extra width on my left side.

Luckily, this pattern has a few darts in the side seam.  So all those "gaps" were rotated to the darts in the side seams.  I had gaps in the neckline, armhole area, and under the bust.  

One area I should have taken a little more care in fitting is the back side/armhole seam.  With a generous slope in the right shoulder, I end up with wrinkles under the arms.  I missed a few this time......

FBA for New Look 6301
FBA for New Look 6301

Great dress!!!!  
The neckline on so many crossover tops is too low, but this one has enough coverage.  
The few darts help in FBA's.  
Add a few inches to the belt and you have a great fall dress!
New Look 6301

See the short belt and the wrinkles near the arms......

Love it!!!  New Look 6301

Got a new excuse to sew fall clothes!  Lost a few pounds and nothing fits!!!!


  1. Just found your blog because I was searching on PR for this dress. Yours looks wonderful. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. Dress looks good on you. I recently made this dress too.

  3. Your dress is amazing. Great job. I just bought the pattern and searched for a review, but it has a different pattern #, i.e., S0597.