Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last of Summer Tops, New Look 6296

The calendar may say fall, but we can see no end of summer in southeast Texas.  Fall wardrobes consists of summer pieces in darker colors.  

I finished this top a short time ago, but never got a picture of it.  My helper is feigning yard work in these pictures.  She told me a prop is good for pictures.

hot pink bamboo knit and white polyester stretch lace.  Both from High Fashion Fabrics in Houston.

This top needs a little more structure than bamboo knit will give.  
It needs something to hold that back shape.  

Adding binding to polyester stretch lace will not be repeated again in my sewing room.   The lace was so slick, it slid right out of the serger!!!!

New Look 6296, view A

I found the pattern easy to put together.  Since bamboo knit doesn't have any structure to it, I did take up the armhole and neckline.  The back top piece seems too wide.  It may be from using two different types of fabric, but when I laid the actual pattern pieces together, I found a little extra on the size 10 top piece.  

I can't wait for fall sewing.  Just need a day cooler than 90 degrees to inspire me!!!

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