Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conventions and Classes, Oh My!

My head is bursting with wonderful ideas for garments after a week of SAGA Convention, International Quilt Festival, and a Lyn Weeks class.  (All in less than 2 weeks!)  I was horrible at taking pictures of what I learned or made.  The most fun was meeting all those blog friends I have made over the last few years!   I did get a few pictures, so here goes:

SAGA Convention held in Frisco, TX

Vaune Pierce attempted to teach me to smock sideways.

I almost finished a pillowcase in Carol Ahles' class.
Judith Adams and myself

My smocked cupcake towel with Judith Adams.

Gail Doane after a long day of teaching us about collars.
A Texas style "Ding Dong"
Lyn Weeks and my completed hanger.
At SAGA and IQF, I bought some lovely fabric……like Japanese pique, chambray, and yarn dyed fabrics.  Vogue Fabrics sucked me into their booth and I could hardly carry the fabric around the convention center.  Sew It Up has some new lacy fabrics that aren't on their website yet.  After a summer of work, I had carved out a small hole in my sewing room.  
In two weeks, I have managed to fill it! 

Off to work I go!


  1. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person! I look forward to seeing your completed projects, and all the other lovely items created from your latest purchases!

    1. Jan, so glad to meet you! I can't wait to start creating. I just need to stay home for a few days!

  2. So glad to hear about your wonderful time! Isn't all smocking sideways?! ;) I dream of attending convention someday......