Monday, November 18, 2013

Comfy Tunic, Simplicity 1543

Simplicity 1543

Simplicity 1543, a Patty Reed Design tunic.

Organic cotton jersey that is soft as butter.  

The one item that makes this tunic stand out is the beautiful topstitching around the neckline and at the pockets.  Topstitching cotton jersey isn't for the easily discouraged.  After a few trials, I found the best solution was iron-on stay tape stabilizer on the underside of the fabric and a topstitching needle in the machine.  After solving those issues, everything is smooth sailing.

This top was made after I spent time making my own sloper.  BUT, I figured that since it was so loose, who needed to match up my sloper.  WRONG THOUGHTS!  If you look at the above picture, you can see wads of fabric around my shoulders and underarms.  When I pin this extra fabric out, it slims the tunic and I look great.  

Lesson learned:  I am not a rectangle.  

The last picture is where my sloper is laid under the tunic pieces to check fit.  I need to take out a SERIOUS chunk in the shoulder seam.  I feel very challenged to make another tunic and master the fit on this great top!

I did find a great article on Threads about pattern selection.  Love it!  The article's first point is about patterns that have many straight seams.  
We do not have straight body parts, so why would I think it would fit!

Sleeves on Simplicity 1543

Drawstring sleeves.

The pattern piece overlap is where my shoulder seam should go.  I regret not making this drastic change to the pattern.


  1. Oh Kathleen, I like this a lot! Fabulous details and it looks very cozy!

  2. Just purchased this pattern. Thanks for the shoulder advice.

  3. I bought this pattern today, yours is lovely! Good info! Thanks

  4. "The pattern piece overlap is where my shoulder seam should go" I don't understand this. Are you talking about converting it to regular sleeves?

    1. Sorry, I am late in responding. For my sloped shoulders I need to slope the shoulder seam a little (or a lot). The pattern is made for a perfect square shape, so to keep all that fabric out of your armpit, then you need to angle that shoulder seam a little.