Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Tops for my Girl

Butterick B5913

Butterick B591,3 View C
McCall's M5693, View A

Floral knit from Chez Ami
Apple print from my quilting cotton stash along with a scrap of denim

Constructions Notes
B5913 runs very short.  If you add at least 2" to the bottom of the skirt, it will also make construction much easier. At it's current length, the bottom of the sleeve and the top hem are at the same spot.   I also used fold-over elastic instead of a self-fabric neckband.

M5693 was done according to the pattern directions.  The front slit is pretty low and for modesty, one needs to wear a camisole.  Less slit..........

McCall's M5693
McCall's M5693

This is the start of fall sewing..............

What are you making?


  1. So cute! I especially like the apple print. I have that McCall's pattern, but your version is so much cuter; I pulled the pattern out now to put on my to-do list!

  2. Oooooh! You made up M5693. It's lovely. But then, I'm prone to love all things Sandi Henderson. ;) I once saw a version of the pattern where someone used smocking instead of gathers there in the front. That spurred me to run out and buy the pattern in both size ranges. Of course I haven't actually gotten around to making it, yet........ Thanks for the tip about the slit.
    -Jenny Jo

  3. I made it! Thanks for your inspiration and the heads-up; I moved the slit to the back.

    1. Beautiful!!! I love the smocking! I really like the color!