Sunday, September 8, 2013

CC Babs, End of Summer Sewing

CC Babs

This dress was finished before the "white shoe ban" of Labor Day.  My daughter is very frustrated by this rule of Southern etiquette.  In her opinion, I haven't stated a good enough reason to shelf her white sandals.  It is hard to imagine fall coming when the temperature hasn't been below 80 degrees in weeks.  

Babs by Children's Corner
published in 1997

from my stash Lecien Fabrics (I think)
White petite piping

Construction and Fit:
Easy dress to construct, even with miles of white piping.  
The fit is a little off in the back.  Elastic is added to the area under the buttons.  My daughter needs either elastic across the whole back or darts in the back.  Since I am shelving her white shoes, I plan to shelf the dress and see how much she grows through the winter.  

Square Neckline of Babs

Cute back to Babs

1 comment:

  1. This is such a beautiful dress!
    It looks great on her and I'm sure it will still look lovely next year :-)
    (PS. While we don't celebrate "labor day" here, we share the same white shoe ban. Funny, isn't it?)