Thursday, September 19, 2013

CC Jacqueline

Children's Corner's Jacqueline

Jacqueline from Children's Corner
This pattern is the perfect mix between sweet girl and growing up girl.  The dress is fitted, but not skin tight.  The armholes are large, but not too large.  

quilting cotton from Buttons n Bows
(can't remember the manufacturer)
green whip stitch piping 
white pique for the bodice neckline

Followed the pattern exactly

My daughter's comments:

My comments:
REALLY!  It is so cute! 

My daughter's reasoning:
I don't like blue or green.  The dress doesn't have any sleeves. 

My thoughts:
I am going to "work" with my daughter on future dresses and pray her dislike of blue and green fade over the winter.  I made this dress a size 10, so she can wear it next year!

Sleeve Detail
Bodice Close-up

Jacqueline back view


  1. I reached that same impasse with my daughter when she was about that age. I made her some beautiful dresses, and even some casual clothes, that she maybe wore ONCE. I quit sewing for a few years. I started back up sewing different kind of handbags. My daughter wanted messenger bags, so I custom-designed one and made it for her. From there I moved on to sewing for myself, then she started being interested in sewing...The key for me is SHE has to choose the pattern or the fabric--in other words, it's something SHE wants. I maintain some veto power, though:) What you may have to do is start sewing from the mainline pattern companies (she can look through the books and find something she likes) or if she finds things she likes in catalogues, etc. and then together you find a way to copy it.

    I'm sorry this is so long but I never thought I would be enjoying sewing with my daughter (now 16) but here I am. Just wanted to encourage you:)

  2. I've been eying the Jacqueline. Yours is lovely. That whipstitch piping is a nice touch.