Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick Skirt Day, Simplicity 4881

Twinkies!  Simplicity 4881


My skirt - Simplicity 4881 (View A) with Simplicity 2449 waistband.  Simplicity 4881 is a great simple skirt pattern for a skirt with only side seams.  Due to the print, I didn't want it broken into too many pieces.  
My daughter's skirt came about when I found I had about 15" of fabric left after my skirt.  So, I took the 15" and gathered it and coverstitched it to a black elastic that I purchased from Sew It Up.  The black elastic waistband was a great quality. I simply flat felted the seam of the elastic and added the gathered skirt.


Rayon print from High Fashion Fabrics in Downtown Houston.  I was the first to buy off the bolt a few weeks ago.  I ran by there today for a few other items and this bolt is GONE.

Construction Hint

Rayon is a wonderful drapy fabric. but keeping it aligned on the cutting table can be tricky.  To make life easy, I laid out my butcher paper.  Pinned the fabric to the butcher paper.  Cut out the front of the skirt.  Did not unpin anything.  Moved the sandwich of butcher paper, fabric and pattern piece to where I wanted to cut the back.  I could then line up the prints without chasing the fabric all over the cutting table because the butcher paper gave me stability.  Cut out matching pieces in about 10 minutes.

Waistband from Simplicity 2449

My daughter's skirt with black elastic waistband.

PS - My daughter really liked this skirt.  All her friends dress in polyester.  The cute cottons are starting to bother her.

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