Friday, March 2, 2012

Strawberry "Annika" by Maja's Heirlooms

This is another treasure from my daughter's closet that is getting a little small on her.  She can wear it until I get some new dresses made for the spring.  (I have some beautiful fabric on my cutting table and just can't seem to get anything done that is not ripped out after I finish!)

This cute pattern, Annika by Maja's Heirlooms, is on my cutting table again to be used this spring or summer.  I LOVE the collar and sleeves in this pattern. They are very different than most smocked dress patterns and very easy to sew together.  I wasn't paying attention to the dress when I took the picture and the collar is tilted up a little, but an quick ironing would solve that small issue.  It was not a problem with the pattern.  The smocking plate is "Strawberry Patch" by, Carol Howard at Junebug Designs.  

This dress is a size 6 with a few inches added on the length. My daughter just turned 8 years old.   I made the dress 3 years ago and it is just now getting too small.  So glad some patterns let your little one grow a little without outgrowing the dress!

While on strawberries, the crazy weather here has brought me an early surprise!


  1. Berry Cute Dress! Berry Darling Model! Berry Sweet Surprise!

  2. What a fabulous dress! You make the loveliest clothes for her. I agree that the collar and sleeves are a nice modern touch for this smocked dress.

  3. Beautiful! I love the strawberry smocking. I have not tried this pattern yet, but I know my little one would love it.

  4. What a beautiful dress. You always amaze me with your beautiful needlework! I've nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award". You can read about it here:

  5. This dress is absolutely precious! And she looks so sweet in it. :)

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  6. Would you happen to be selling this dress? So pretty! Let me know!

    1. This happens to be one of the dresses I made when my mom lived with us for a few months and went to MD Anderson. I smocked a ton of dresses during that time and she helped to hem them as I was a sewing madwoman. She died at the end of that summer and the set of dresses I made that spring and summer are very dear to me. Thanks for asking!