Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hot Pink Nightmare, Part 2

My knit fabric journey continues....

This is Simplicity 1916, View E made from hot pink jersey fabric.  Pictured above is my third complete top from the pattern.  The first two are in the trash, both a size 14.   Unfortunately, the keeper t-shirt got a little extra cut in the serger blade and doesn't hang as well as I would like.  The keeper is a size 12 with the following modifications.

I found the neckline long and revealing.  So, I grabbed a favorite t-shirt and did some comparison to help solve my problem.  I learned that I needed the shoulder widened (about an extra 1 1/2") and overlap the bodice pieces more (about 4" of overlap).  This type of jersey is also very stretchy and I still need to cut out about 1/2" on the shoulder seam.  I found this pattern shows a gathered piece below the bodice, but I found only about 2" of fabric to gather, so the top below has an extra 2" in that piece to make it look like the pattern. 

 I am trying to be in love with Simplicity 1916, but the pattern just will not cooperate.  I can't tell if it is the pattern or the knit fabric that is the true issue.   I will keep you posted on my knit journey.

Pictured above is one of the size 14 tops.  As you can see, it is very large and not well fitting at all.

While I had hot pink thread in my serger, I put together another "Vintage Jane" from Pink Fig Patterns.

I was so glad to remove the hot pink thread from my serger and coverstitch machine.  I am moving on to "summer sewing."  It is fun and I can't wait to share what I am doing!

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