Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can I freeze a Girl's World?, Part 2

Mary's Fancy Sash Dress

This is the second of three dresses from Girl's World, by, Jennifer Paganelli.  This one is called Mary's Fancy Sash Dress.  The fabric is Ruby by Moda (both the girl and doll dress).  

I constructed this dress just as the book stated.  I did err and make a size to large, but my daughter will grow into it soon.  Since this is a dress without zipper or buttons, it would be an easy beginner project.  Without the buttons or zipper for a tighter fit, the bodice is loose.  This dress would also be a perfect dress for the younger toddler that wants to dress themselves, but buttons and zippers are too much for them to handle.

Back view of Mary's Fancy Sash Dress

The book shows the sash tied in the back and also looped around and tied in front.  This is the second dress I have made my daughter that did not have an attached belt.  I have found that the belts sag as she runs and plays during the day, but the ability to wrap it around twice and tie it helps it to stay in place.

Liberty Jane Colorblock & Corsage Dress
The dress I made for Lanie (American Girl Doll) is called Colorblock & Corsage Dress by Heritage Doll Fashions for Liberty Jane Patterns.  I LOVE THIS DRESS!  I think it took me an hour to whip up this dress.  My only switch was to attach the dress skirt to the lining side of the red trim and then topstitch the outside red trim down.  I topstitch what I see much better than through a few layers of fabric.  

I love this Ruby fabric!  It had a large and small floral print, which I thought would work wonderfully to give a sense of proportion to each dress.  Both prints match the size of the dress.

My garden was started late this year.  Just hope I get a few green beans that the deer don't find!

Enjoy your spring weather!


  1. Sew cute! I love the colors! Again your model is just as smiley as ever!

  2. The dress is lovely. Very pretty fabric and pretty model too!!

  3. I was reading your post, and I was going to comment on how great the sizing of the prints looked in the two dresses. Then you said the same thing. So, I agree! ;)
    -Jenny Jo

  4. Just beautiful. I wish that pattern came in my size :)

  5. I am just in the process of trying out this pattern - nice to see an honest review. :)