Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can I freeze a Girl's World?, Part 1

I spent part of my spring break sewing up 4 dresses for my sweetheart.  Three were from the super cute book, Girl's World, by Jennifer Paganelli.  The pictures in this book make you want a little girl in your life to sew for.  I just want to freeze time with my daughter wearing these sweet dresses with a smile on her face.

The dress shown here is "Josie Dress."  It is a sundress with a gathered bodice and sash that ties as a bow in the back.  The possibilities for this dress are endless either as a casual dress or a dress-up occasion.  Since I had not ever sewn with this book before, I tend to size up a dress so that I am not heartbroken with a too small dress.  I made a size 8-10 (Large) for my 8 year old.  It is a little too big, but normally I would just hang in her closet until next year.  She can't seem to take it off, so I turn my head when a strap falls off her shoulder.  

Front of Josie's Dress
The dress was easy to follow the directions to construct.  I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one, so a few construction details were changed.  This is my favorite dress from the book and worth the price of the book.
Front of Aspen's Party Dress by Liberty Jane Patterns
Being a girly mom for my sweet daughter, I had to add a quick dress to match for her American Girl doll.  This is Aspen's Party Dress by Liberty Jane Patterns.  It was intended for dressy fabric, but it had to match the Micael Miller print.  I wish I had changed the pattern and put on a gathered skirt to match the girl dress, but it is only a doll!  The Liberty Jane Pattern went together well and is a great match for the Sis Boom book.

The matching back views.

My daughter had so much fun with the trees in bloom, she popped a flower into her hair.

When I get her out of this dress, I will photograph the other dresses I made and share.


  1. What gorgeous pictures - and such a beautiful girl (and doll)

  2. How fun to play dress up with a REAL life doll! You have fun Mom!

  3. Oh you made me giggle, they vision of you when her strap falls off her shoulder. Girl this dress is ADORABLE! You did a great job! I made my daughter's extra long last year so she could wear them again this year, so I get it! It's a great dress design! Oh you totally sold me a Liberty Jane pattern! So cute! Great match indeed! Don't you just want to turn her room and wardrobe into the world in that book? I know exactly what you mean about loving it! I cannot wait to see what else you make from the book!

  4. Oh,this dress is so prcious. Your little beautiful one sure looks happy with her momma's handiwork! I'm thinking about this book, but E is getting to the high side of a size 10. Too bad they don't make it in my size - it is just adorable.

  5. A really special, beautiful dress, and she looks lovely in it!