Friday, September 2, 2011

"Rose" from Ottobre and Sassy Skirt Redo

This is a quick and easy project from an old copy of Ottobre Magazine (I think 2008).  Unfortunately, it doesn't hang on my dress form well.  The skirt does hang better in person.  The fabric is a purple gingham with matching ribbon around the waist and neck.  

Normally you would not put ribbon around the neck, but the pattern shows an upturned and rigid trim, so I used the ribbon to make it match.  I made this a little too big for my daughter to last through the winter, but I am still not impressed with the fit of this dress.  I must be spoiled into believing that everything will fit well like most heirloom patterns do.  I would equate the fit to buying a Target dress when you normally shop at Macy's.  If you like the gathered waist and neck styling, I would pick a better fitting pattern and then move the pattern pieces away from the fold and then gather it.  I might make a flower pin to wear with this dress, so it doesn't look so plain.

I have been busy inside, since we are still roasting in Texas.  My daughter had outgrown a cute dress I had made from Portabellapixie.  It has a huge skirt on it and I didn't want to loose all that gathering, so I found my scraps and cut out the yoke to Sassy Skirt from Children's Corner and made the dress into a skirt.  All I had to do was cut off the bodice to the dress and attach it to the yoke of Sassy Skirt.  I also embroidered a Target t-shirt to match the skirt.  Embroidery design from Stitch on Time.

Before, as a dress.

After, as a skirt.

Pink and cute, just a girl's dream.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!  I hope it cools off here.  Houston is in the hottest summer ever recorded and I am ready to see cooler weather.

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  1. Lovely skirt! The embroidery goes so perfectly with it! -Jenny Jo