Friday, September 23, 2011

My "London" retro dress

This is my first sampling of fall sewing, a retro peasant dress for myself.  It is full of fall colors and still cool enough to wear in a South Texas fall.

This is "The London Peasant Dress" from Lila Tueller Designs.  I made it totally according to the directions.  I first made the brown trim with a brown and green print.  It was lost in all that color.  So I took it off and replaced it with this two-tone brown.  I love the pop in the brown.

I made a Large in this pattern and it fits great.  The pattern is loose fitting, so sizing isn't a big deal.  I like the comfort of this dress, but I may try Serendipity Studios peasant dress from her book.  It has elastic on the shoulder instead of all the way around the neckline.  I think it will be more polished and not so frumpy.  If I made a weeks worth of these dresses, I would have a complete fall wardrobe.  

Happy Fall Sewing!


  1. Oh - Pop Garden! I LOVE Pop Garden! What a great dress! I look forward to comparing it to the other peasant dress you mentioned....
    -Jenny Jo

  2. Beautiful!! I always love your creations...

  3. It's very pretty, I don't think it is frumpy at all. The colors you chose and the arrangement give it a sort of German peasant look, very Oktoberfest. :)

  4. Oh this dress is so cute! That is totally my personal taste and style. I think this, along with the one from the book, may just be in the stack for me this summer to sew for Fall. I was giving bags and BAGS (on the order of 24?25? garbage bags full) of vintage (60s and 70s)fabrics all in perfect condition. These dresses will be amazing made from some of these.
    I am rolling back looking at your postings since I just came across your blog today, if you are wondering at the random comments on my part! :)