Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aqua Lace Love, M6827

Aqua Lace top for my tween

McCall's M6827, View B
Drafted to a girls size 10 (Pattern only goes to size 8)

Aqua lace from LA Fashion District (Can't remember the vendor) 
Aqua foldover elastic from LA Fashion District
Cost from Houston to LA Fashion District=$$$$$$

Construction Notes
All seams done on the serger. 
Hem done on the coverstitch machine.
Total construction time = 20 minutes until I hit the fold over elastic.
All those bumps in the lace were a beast to smooth out and make look pretty with the fold over elastic.  Third try was a charm.

This top was designed by my sweet daughter.  She LOVES it!  Today was her first day of Latin class and she saved this top for the special occasion.  This sewing mama is so proud to have a handmade top reserved for the first day of class.  We might survive the teen years and still be happy about the handmade clothes.  There is hope............

A pic with the dog.

The whole outfit look.  Love the longer hemline in the back.

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  1. Oh Kathleen, she is lovely in her fashionable blouse. You are so good. It is beautiful!