Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Zoe Dress from Serendipity Studio

 If you want a true opinion of something, ask your kids.
If you want fashion advice, don't ask your kids.
I was scared to wear this dress in public after a low opinion was handed out by my kids.  
None of them liked the fabric or the pattern.  
I think they are wrong.

The Zoe Dress from Serendipity Studio

The Zoe Dress from Serendipity Studio

Plum print from Fabric Finders 
Lilac petite piping
lilac silk organza
plum rayon lining

Changes to construction
The beauty of this dress is the wide waistband and the pleated skirt.  Broadcloth is usually not  enough fabric without interfacing to keep a waistband from wrinkling with a full skirt.  Since the waistband piece is so large, I didn't want to interface it and make it appear stiff, so I used silk organza to underline the waistband and the bodice front and back.  I love the effect is has on the drape.  It moves, but always pops back into place.

The seams were done more in the couture style and are all one inch.  I omitted the facings and completely lined it.  I also hand stitched the lining to the neckline and it feels wonderful, so little bulk.

Fitting Changes
Well, after loosing so much weight, I decided to go down in size.  That would have worked wonderfully if I had remembered I was an XL, instead I chose a medium and altered it up to a large.  It was a rabbit trail that I didn't have time to follow.  

I made my usual changes for sloped shoulders and the one lower shoulder.  (See my picture.)  I also did a FBA and took out 1/4" of height in the waistband.  The waistband wanted to catch on my high hip and it didn't look good. 

Back of the muslin.  

The back of Zoe.  See the lineup of the piping!!!!

I like it!


  1. Very nice dress. I'm very impressed with the piping. Thank you for the tip on wide waist bands. Lovely fit and fabric.

  2. This looks beautiful! I really like the new patterns released.

  3. How very pretty and flattering!!