Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winner t-shirt, Angela Wolf #AW1123

#AW1123 The Ruched-T


Angela Wolf Pattern Collection's The Ruched-T, #AW1123
I used a large size, but could have easily made due with the medium.  My fabric had only two way stretch and I wanted to err on the side of larger rather than too small.  Great pattern, great directions, great fit!  I love the shaping of the neckline!  


Turquoise burnout knit from  Two way stretch only.  

Sorry my shirt looks so sloppy in the pictures.  I realized halfway through a basketball game that I needed a picture of this shirt, so my 14 year old took the pictures.  Boys don't care much about styling, so he never mentioned the top was bunched around my waist.  

Awesome t-shirt!

I took my daughter to High Fashion Fabric in Downtown Houston to shop for Easter fabric.  Why did I do this?  She picked a polyester chiffon............

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