Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pantry Remodel

A small mishap in an upstairs toilet got my favorite painter to my house recently.  So, while he was here, I had to add a small job to his repair list.

The Pantry

Ceiling in need of repair from the upstairs toilet situation.
My old, plain white pantry

I found a picture on Pinterest of a colorful pantry.  One thing led to another and I had a new pantry.  

New door from Home Depot

Shelves:  "Seal skin" colored paint from Sherwin Williams.
Wall:  "Universal Khaki" from Sherwin Williams.
New track lighting from Lowe's.
Two metal recycle bins from Pottery Barn for the extras left from shopping at Costco.
Silver mesh bins from the Container Store keep all those small items in one spot.

I have been using these glass containers from the Container Store for a few years and love them.  Country living can bring many unwanted dinner guests, but they can't get into these containers.

New labels for my jars from the Martha Stewart round labels by Avery.

My pantry is a joy to be inside.  Everything has a place and all the extras from Costco aren't lining the shelves.

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  1. I love this! I am looking at houses, so I might have to borrow ideas when I finally get in a home of my own again.