Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer "Josie Dress" from Girl's World

Josie Dress from Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli

Fun summer sewing has been in full swing around my house.  Simple and cool are on the menu!

Josie's Dress from Girl's World book by Jennifer Paganelli
I have made this dress before and loved it!
It is simple to construct and girls love it.

I made a medium (6/7) size in width and a large (8/10) in length.

Fits like a glove!

Pillow & Maxfield's Ooh La La pink border print

Construction Notes:
I followed the pattern directions for the dress.

The beautiful border print went all the way to the selvedge of the fabric.  Hemming it would take up some of the print that was the highlight of the dress.  So, I sewed a 4 inch band of fabric that matched the dress and made a "hem band."  This kept my nice border print for all to see.

Bodice of Josie Dress

Back view of Josie Dress

How to hem border print? Use a hem band.


  1. I love how you preserved the border print. Cute, cute dress!

    I made another Sassy Skirt this week! ;)