Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poof! This top is done! V8831

Vogue V8831

Life has been busy, but I still like to accomplish something on my sewing wish list.  Vogue V8831 was   a perfect choice for the leftover fabric from my daughter's dress.  

The heather plum double knit was from Vogue Fabrics.  After I cut out my daughter's dress, I still had large chunks of fabric left, but not enough for a regular top for me.  Since I had bought the fabric for myself, I was determined to find a pattern that I could "piece together" a top.  

Time requirements for this top:

cut out:  20 minutes
thread your machine: 5 minutes
serge the top together: 10 minutes
thread your coverstitch machine: 5 minutes
hem top and sleeves:  10 minutes
Total:  50 minutes!

I chose View B for the top, used the C cup pattern piece, and added 1" to hem.

Poof!  This top is done!


  1. Great use of fabric! Both your top and your daughter's dress look wonderful!

  2. Great top! I like the sectioning on the bodice! Looks good!