Sunday, February 3, 2013

Addy's Dress, which is really her friend Harriet's Yellow/Blue Dress

Burda 9529 and Heritage Doll Fashions Harriet's Yellow Dress
This month we read about American Girl Addy.  Her time period is around the Civil War.  I already owned the Heritage Doll Fashions pattern, Harriet's Yellow Dress, so I decided that this would be the dress.  Since we don't look fantastic in yellow, our dress is blue.  I found the ocean blue Imperial broadcloth and the lace at Buttons n Bows in Houston.  This dress brought back memories of why I don't like sewing with polyester broadcloth, it isn't very forgiving when you are easing it into curved seams.......

Doll Dress Details:  

I followed the pattern from Heritage Doll Fashions to the letter.  My polyester broadcloth didn't give much and was tough to ease into the short curved seams.

Girls Dress Details:

Since I made the doll dress first, it was easy to adjust Burda 9529 to meet my needs.  I cut an extra center piece much wider and then gathered it like the doll dress.  I added a waistband and cut the skirt on the straight-grain (big rectangle) instead of an a-line.  The lace was an easy match from where the doll dress added lace.  Can you believe this is the same pattern from the Kirsten dress?  It is all in the details.........

Samantha's dress is on the cutting table.........

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I am loving this historical doll/history sewing for your daughter and her dolls series. I am glad that you didn't do the yellow as this blue is such a gorgeous shade. I wish my Victoria-Rose and I had had the club you and your daughter belong to. I would have been sewing up period clothes in a frenzy and learning so much in the process. Bravo to you! You are doing such an awesome job and stitching up wonderful memories for your sweet girl.