Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chevron ITY Skirt, New Look 6762

Skirt, New Look 6762 
I found some very fun and interesting fabric.  This retro zig-zag chevron print just called my name.  I purchased it at High Fashion Fabrics in Houston, but have seen it on a few fabric websites.  What do you do with these wonderful prints that look like you could grow dizzy thinking about cutting them?  I picked a very simple pattern, New Look 6762.  I never opened the directions, but this is how I made the skirt.

1.  Instead of cutting this on the fold, I cut four panels out.  This involved using the Connie Crawford tip of putting butcher paper under the ITY jersey knit.  This knit could crawl off my cutting table unassisted.  After I cut out my first "panel", I left the fabric pinned to the butcher paper and then moved it to the next place to match and cut.  The butcher paper held the fabric still and let me match and cut straight lines.  (Cutting and matching this fabric is comparable to cutting and matching tie-dyed jello.)
2.  I hand basted the four panels together on the stitching line.
3.  Serged the four panels together.
4.  Constructed the elastic for the waistband. (sewed the ends together)
5.  Ironed a 1" stay interfacing along the waist of the skirt.  I found this little trick helped to tame the rolling edges of the fabric, so it would be easier to stitch it to the elastic and not have it curled all over the place.  Ironed on 1/2" interfacing on the hem line.
6.  Machine basted the elastic onto the fabric near the top of the elastic.  Folded the elastic over and pinned generously the elastic into place.
7.  Coverstitched the waist (elastic to the fabric at the bottom edge of the elastic) and the hem.

This skirt looks as close to RTW as possible.  The waistband looks great and it has no bulk!  If I would not have had to fussy cut the skirt and hand bast it, this is a quick afternoon project.  I will be repeating this skirt a few more times........

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