Sunday, January 13, 2013

THE Bebe Dress, Serendipity Studio

Bebe Dress, Serendipity Studio

This fun dress had taken up residence in my sewing room all fall.  Now that it is too cool most days to wear it (except yesterday when it was 75), I finished it.  I hope this isn't a pattern for completion that I fall into this year.

Let me start by saying, MAKE A MUSLIN of this dress before you cut into your fabric.  I made so many muslins trying to tweak the fit that it became comical.  I also decided that this was the dress that I would use to fix a few of my bodice fitting issues.  (Perfect project for this.) 

Lessons Learned:
1. My left and right sides are not equal and I need to adjust for about a 1" difference.  
2.  Full bust does not always mean large cup, it can mean just more fabric needed.
3.  Full bust does not mean wide shoulders, so taper back to the original pattern sizing for shoulders.
4.  Bust darts must point to your "full" point, not where the pattern puts them.
5.  I can't imagine walking into a store and buying this dress with as many changes as I made.  
So glad I sew!

After I made the pattern changes to the bodice piece, I made the dress as shown.  I did not alter the back, skirt, or sleeve pattern pieces.  

The dress goes together well and it fits great.  I love the pleat details in the front and back.  Those details really make this dress unique and cute.

The fabric is from Sandy Henderson's Meadowsweet fabric line.  I used a light-weight denim to trim the dress.  Stitching details were done with cream denim thread.

Stay warm!  Even the southern parts of Texas have hit their "cold" at 45 degrees.


  1. Oooooooh, I love your dress! I'm a Texas girl too. (Dallas area)

  2. You like the pleat; I like the stitched denim! Very nice!