Saturday, November 24, 2012

Picture Tutorial for Josefina's 30 Minute Skirt

While whipping up a few Josefina skirts from scraps, I found a quick and painless way to sew up the free skirt pattern from The Pleasant Company.   Use the Josefina Pretty Clothes pattern for the skirt.  I have added the directions to the following pictures:

Josefina's Brown Skirt

Josefina's Blue Flannel Skirt

Josefina's Red Floral Skirt

Cut the skirt and waistband according to pattern.  

Serge or Zig Zap the two ends of the skirt.

Fold and iron under 1/4" of the waistband.

Fold and iron 1/4" under at the ends of the waistband.

Fold and iron 1/4" one of the short ends of the skirt (where you serged earlier).

Run 2 gathering stitches through the top side of the skirt.

Make sure the one side of the skirt you folded over is still folded over.

Gather the skirt to the waistband.

Pin the waistband right side to skirt wrong side.

The ends of the waistband should meet the ends of the skirt.  The side folded under will be sewn folded under.

Sew a 1/4" seam allowance to attach waistband.

Trim to a 1/8" seam allowance.

Iron the waistband up.  Then fold the waistband over the front of the skirt and pin.

Topstitch the waistband down.

At the sides add a 3" piece of velcro.  (I cut a regular piece in half lengthwise.)

Pin the back seam of the dress and sew from the hem to where you added velcro.

Fold and iron 1/4" hem and then fold and iron another 1/4" fold.

Edge stitch the hem in place.

Iron the skirt and you are finished.

Three skirts whipped up in a little over an hour.
The directions can be used for any length of skirt for an American Girl doll.  A great way to use scraps!


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  1. Great sewalong, and great skirts! I've done a few sew-a-longs for the free Pleasant Company patterns as well on