Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Penny" vintage style

Penny by Modkid

This is a quick post of a quick dress.  

Penny is two pieces, front and back.  It goes together faster than lightening.  It fits like a dream.
I added fold-over elastic on the neckline.


The fabric is a new line at Joann's.  I like the Chez Ami fabric better.  This one sticks to itself.

The Scout Oath by my 3rd Boy Scout!

The pictures above were taken recently at my son's crossover ceremony into Boy Scouts.  He wanted to see these pictures in "vintage." I hope you enjoy them.  They are "different."

International Quilt Festival

I had a blast at the Quilt Festival in Houston.  I bought way too much fabric and enjoyed myself.  My class was with Carol Ahles.  She taught her hemstitching class.  Judith Adams from Australia was her class "helper."  Both are great ladies and wonderful at what they do.

Carol Ahles
Judith Adams

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