Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Knit Sewing Secret on Butterick B5778

Butterick B5778
Mastering knits has been on my recent goal list, and I think I might have found my magical answer.  SewKeys E Knit Interfacing by, Emma Seabrooke.

At the ASG conference I took Emma Seabrooke's class on Taming Knits with Stay Tapes.  She had wonderful examples of "hard to sew" knits done beautifully.  I made a bee-line to her booth and picked up a few different size interfacing rolls to try.  (I will be ordering the ones I didn't pick up soon.)

Butterick B5778 caught my eye as a beautiful fall dress to sew up quickly and try out these new interfacing tapes.  It turned out BETTER than I even imagined.

Below I attempted to draw where I placed the stay tapes on the bodice.  I ironed (more like steamed) the stay tape into place and then sewed up the dress as the pattern instructed.  I also put tape on the hem and then topstitched it down.

The front of this dress is a little low, but the interfacing holds the piece so firmly, I can lean over and not fear!  Incredible!

I love this dress and can't wait to make it in a solid color.  The fabric was from Joann's clearance pile and cost me a whopping $7.50 for the dress.  Not bad for a muslin!

Adjustments to make in the future:
1.  Add a little fabric to the front skirt to give a few more gathers to the skirt.
2.  Stitch the belt on all the way to the side seams.  It droops when it is only sewn to the front.

 Wow, I am sold on this product!  


  1. is the tape the interfacing, or are these 2 separate things? So you just use this in the difficult stretchy areas? I'm very interested, because like you, I'm recently getting more and more into sewing up knits. I love it. I'm making things now that are becoming the staples of our wardrobes. My kids are loving it because everything is comfortable and so kid friendly! Can you use this even with serging?

    1. The tape is interfacing. You can serge or sew right over it. It makes a very stable, but still soft seam.

    2. Thanks for posting about this. I had no idea!