Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Summer Colors in Simplicity 1926

Summer is hot!  This dress turned out so cute, I think it cools the evening off!

Pattern:  Simplicity 1926, View A
Fabric: Michael Miller print, Aqua pique

Simplicity 1926
Pattern Review:  This is not a beginner's pattern.  The pleats and front placket are cumbersome.  I made a size 8 dress and followed the size 12 length.  After the dress was complete, my dear daughter complained about it opening too much around the neckline.  (It really did.)  

So back to the drawing board to add a touch that would "close up" the opening that I spent a good chunk of time "opening."  Kari Mecca's book, More Sewing with Whimsy, came to the rescue.  Officially by her book, the flower is called "Swirl flowers with whimsy stick trim."

I hope you enjoy my pictures.  
My husband bought a new lens that arrived today that takes awesome pictures!
.....been waiting to post a handful of projects....


  1. I love the flowers you made for the dress. It is really beautiful--great fabric too! I guess I need to put this pattern on my list now. LOL

  2. what cheery fabric! love the flower addition!

  3. Love your whimsy flowers! What a clever way to close up the opening!

  4. for all your troubles, the dress is darling! I need to get the whimsy sticks.

  5. Did I tell you how much I love the colors in this dress!?!! Darling.

  6. Darling dress. I love the flower details to cover up the opening in the front. Thanks for the info on the opening because I know it will be too open for my sweetie too. But I love the pattern.