Sunday, July 22, 2012

Madeline Maxi Dress by Serendipity Studio

I fell in love with this dress as soon as it was published by Serendipity Studio.  I had the perfect fabric, Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson.  I just had to find the spare minutes to put it together.  I finished it in time for my trip, but couldn't get a good picture until recently.

This is an easy dress to construct.  I little tricky if you want to fit the bust line a little fuller.  I added a dart to the bust line.  It has a lot of top-stitching.  I have a few wrinkles in the midsection.  I am not sure if I twisted my fabric as I was sewing or if the change in fabric thicknesses from the print to solid is causing the ripple. 

Pins helped me mark the angles for topstitching!!!!

I wore the dress on my Hawaii trip.  This was a great picture, but just only the top of the dress showed.


  1. Very pretty--I love Secret Garden! The full length dress looks so nice.

  2. Oh so pretty! The details are wonderful and it fits you so well. And perfect for Hawaii too!

  3. Thanks for sharing your review. I have the pattern, but so scared to sew for myself! :-)