Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Farbenmix Roxy dress

Front view of Roxy

Roxy is a simple, princess cut, A-line dress.  I had a few fabrics that coordinated well, but needed lots of space or busyness would take over.  This was a great pattern for the fabric.  I traced a size 9/10 but did not add a seam allowance.  Going up a size and not adding a seam allowance on the European patterns has been a good trick for my tall skinny girl.

The directions for this pattern are few, unless you look them up on the internet.  I just put the pieces together and added a bias trim for the neckline and ruffle for the hem.  I used an invisible zipper in the back to make it even faster and easier.  This dress was made 100% on the sewing machine.  

Back view of Roxy

Side view of Roxy

Now, I am off to four days of sewing class bliss at the American Sewing Guild's National Convention.    

Happy Sewing!


  1. Four days of sewing... glorious!

  2. Is that a ribbon at the waistline? Perfect place to put some smocking. I sneak smocking in wearever I can. Darling dress, love pink and green together. I'be been on vacation all this week. Yay, time for sewing and smocking.

  3. I love the fabric combination. The English translation on the Farbenmix site is funny sometimes. I've been looking at a coat pattern for myself at Farbenmix debating whether or not there is enough info for me to go on to make it! I love this dress; thanks for posting it! I think I'll have to buy this pattern now. :)