Friday, July 13, 2012

Girl's World, Part 3 Tallulah Halter Dress

I made this dress back when I did reviews of two other dresses from Jennifer Paganelli's book, Girl's World.  I could never get the dress cleaned, ironed, and photographed to blog.  My daughter has worn it a lot and I happen to catch a few photos at my son's TaeKwonDo competition recently.  (It has rained a monsoon in Southeast Texas and outside pictures are not happening today.)

This is a quick afternoon project.  It goes together well and looks great on a little one.  I didn't make the side vents in this dress because if I give my daughter the legroom to climb a tree in it, she will.  It would then become a stress point and end up in the mending pile.  I wanted to give it a little embellishment, so I used the rick-rack flower from Kari Mecca's Sewing with Whimsy book.  I sewed it to a matching piece of felt and added a bead to the center.

My two son's train with Jean Lopez, the US Olympic coach for Tae Kwon Do.  We have the privilege to see the whole Lopez family a lot.  The family is sending 2 siblings to compete in the London Games and one to coach.  My daughter, who is not shy, gave Steven Lopez a hard time about not recognizing him one day at the school.  (She had met him more than a dozen times.)  He told her to remember his face, because she would see him in a few days.

At the National Tae Kwon Do tournament a few days later, everyone knew the Lopez family and wanted their autograph and picture.  After sitting next to them for a few hours, I leaned over to my daughter and asked her if anyone else was having a hard time recognizing them or was it just her.  She rolled her eyes and knew she was had.  We made her take a picture with Steven as her strong dose of medicine for giving him a hard time.

Morgan with Steven Lopez

It has been a great life experience for my boys to train with the Lopez family.  Jean Lopez is a great coach that encourages and demands the best from his students.  Diana and Steven are always cheering for the kids.  (Most kids would dream of their sport's Olympic athletes cheering for them.)  The Lopez's draw athletes from all over the world to our corner of town.  My boys know and have been coached by 3 coaches that will serve at the London Games and 3 athletes that will compete at the Games.  We wish them the best!  We can't wait to see their gold medals!

David with Jean Lopez
Dillon sporting his shirt.


  1. What a great memory for your daughter... and she was dressed sew cute for the occasion!

  2. Morgan is one adorable beauty! I have enjoyed the outfits you create and this delightful halter is no exception. The photo with Steven Lopez and Morgan is quite a treat!

  3. I have "A Girl's World." Such a cute dress...I need to try that for my girls!