Saturday, June 9, 2012

McCall's M6074...yes, my serger has black thread in it.

This is another dress I whipped out before my house was in a total mess with construction.  My serger and coverstitch machine were loaded with black thread and I was sewing for a deadline.

McCall's M6074 is supposed to be a one hour dress.  I spent one hour trying to get the elastic in under the bust with my coverstitch machine.  I dumped the extra placket for the elastic and thought I would sew clear elastic in its place.  Next time I will use regular elastic.  This is a very easy dress to sew and hangs beautifully.  Wonderful summer dress.

For those of you interested in a house transformation, this is the start of new floors.

There is more dust in my house than one could imagine.

The area in my kitchen that started this whole mess!
I get to put my sewing room back together this weekend!  YEAH!

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