Tuesday, July 5, 2011

McCall's M5882.....a Kay Whitt Design

I was looking for a great summer dress.  I found it!

I have a good sized collection of Kay Whitt patterns (Serendipity Studios).  I have made a few skirts, but was always going to get to one of her dresses.  Oh, I am so glad I did.  

This is McCall's M5882, View D.  I did a full bust adjustment to the front bodice piece as an alteration.  You can't tell by the photos, but this is a great fitting dress.  It has the potential to pull around the bodice, but I think I might have found the trick to great alterations for me.  I have been bouncing around 3 sizes from the big pattern companies.  I think I have settled on a size 14 with a full bust adjustment.  It matches about a size 10 in ready to wear.

This dress is super fast to sew up and it can use all those cute quilter's cottons you have, so I have to give it a great recommendation.  

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  1. Love Kay and love your version of this dress. You need to send the pics to Paige!