Friday, June 24, 2011

Smocked cupcakes and a glimpse of my sewing room

This year I am the programs chair for my local SAGA chapter.  My ladies are experienced sewers and so one must be creative in finding something to stir up interest.  (They all know so much more than I.)

This month I came up with a easy project that everyone could do in an evening, smocking some cupcakes!

This idea started with an article in Creative Needle by Janet Sewell in June of 2008.  She used clay pots and parfait dishes.  I chose to use a silicon cupcake liner for my base.  The sprinkles are pins pushed into a styrofoam ball covered in back-smocked fabric.

Why would I make a green and blue cupcake?  It matches my sewing room.  I will show pictures, but I didn't clean before I took them.  I am in the thick of sewing up a few dresses for an upcoming trip.  I have made three dresses this week for myself and one top and skirt for my daughter.  Think of cyclone hitting in a small space!

I pulled out my old Viking Quilt Designer for my daughter to sit with me and sew.  I am in love with my Viking SE.

My room was used as a study by a previous owner, so it came with all these cabinets and shelves.  I had them all nicely stacked and decorated, but then inherited a huge assortment of sewing, stamping, and scrapbook supplies when my mother died.  I was able to store everything, it just isn't as artistically pleasing as it was before.  The cabinets below are full of fabric.

My husband gave me a coverstitch machine a little while ago.  It is the newest member of my sewing room.  It is a wonderful machine.  I have only used it on one project, but it was love at first use!

I keep my models for taking pictures.

Sorry for the glare, but these are patterns my mom used for me as a child.  I put together the collages with fabric and trims to match.  It is fun to look at them when I work.

My cutting table has survived three moves with the help of elbow brackets and more screws.  I keep my awaiting projects in the bins below.  Do you think I can finish all these projects this summer?

Smocked cupcakes to match my room.  Other cupcakes came in chocolate, orange sherbet, and lemon sherbet.  They were all cute!


  1. Oh I just love this! Too cute! The color possibilities are endless. Did you use a basic Christmas ornament pattern? I think I might have to try this!!!!!

  2. The directions are very open in the article.

    So, I cut 4" off a fat quarter, pleated it, back-stitched a 4-step trellis, sewed the side seams together, stuffed the styrofoam inside, and then pulled up the top and bottom pleating threads. Hot glue attached the top and bottom items. Push the pins in! Presto, Done!

  3. Your room is so cute. Mine has a wall of bookcases too, but it has been such a struggle decorating. I would love to see that cute pink/green dot dress. I have that fabric in my stash too.

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable. And I love how your room is decorated. Someday I will actually finish mine. Just need to find the fabric first.

  5. Adorable! I have major workspace envy!