Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Rose" Easter Dress

Our local SAGA chapter was so inspired by this beautiful dress (Rose by Susan Stewart) in Sew Beautiful No. 134, The White Issue, we got together and everyone made this dress.  Absolutely beautiful dress!

But, I have the hardest time following directions.  First, I didn't want a white or light pink dress, so I picked this bright pink.  That was good except I was supposed to have lace to match it.  They don't make lace in this color and I wasn't going to dye it.  So I decided to use satin ribbon, but where was I to find this ribbon.  My local shop didn't have any, but a fabric store in Rice Village has a ton of ribbon and I headed there and found to my delight, the exact ribbon I needed.  It looks like the fabric and ribbon are dyed together.  

Then I had to change the directions for gathered lace to gathered ribbon.  It was an easy swap and looks wonderful.  Note to others:  it takes two spools of Mettler thread and more piping than you want to know about, but I love the look.

My two changes for this pattern are:
1.  Use set in sleeves.  They look so much better.
2.  Add an inch to the bottom of the organza when you cut out the sleeve.  It is impossible to gather organza and ribbon and then sew on piping and binding on a 1/4" seam allowance.  I messed up the first sleeve and cut another with the extra seam allowance and was much happier.  

This dress is a size 8.  It is a LARGE size 8.  Maybe on the order of Australian sizing or Sew Beautiful's pattern collection.  My daughter will wear it NEXT year. 

This dress would be a beautiful addition to a wedding or any special occasion.  


Hope you had a Happy Easter!


  1. Beautiful dress and impeccable detail! I love the color and sheer part of the bodice and frilly sleeves. I love all of it! Amazing job:)