Friday, April 15, 2011

A Dozen Reasons to Love Sassy Skirt by Children's Corner, part 3 of 3

This post wraps up my first 12 variations on the Children's Corner Pattern Sassy Skirt.  I am sure it will not end my desire to re-engineer this cute skirt.

9.  Turn the skirt to a skort.

Children's Corner patterns are unique in the fact they are made from the same set of slopers.  They add almost the same amount of ease into each garment, so it allows us to swap pattern pieces from their patterns to easily change the look of the garment.  So for this skort, I borrowed the shorts from Sara's Skort and sewed them as the bottom layer of the skirt.  I made a size 7 and it fit within a 1/4" of total perfect, and the variation may have been my cutting.

The skort is a perfect match for my daughter doing cartwheels everywhere she goes.

10.  Add a faux button front for detailing.

I used the gathered skirt pattern and before gathering it, I folded over the center front for a faux button front skirt.  I added the buttonholes, but never cut them and just added the buttons.  To make it more unique, I dug through my button stash and pulled out an assortment of red ones to use.

11.  Add an apron layer to the skirt.

I used the single layer bias skirt for this combo.  I cut the shorter skirt front in white for the apron and then took off a few inches on the side and rounded the bottom corner.  My white was a little flimsy, so I added another white layer to the back and bound them together with bias trim.

12.  Add a flair to the bottom of the bias cut skirt.

I had made myself a few Simplicity 2410 skirts.  So I decided to cut down the circular piece a little and use it for Sassy Skirt.
Simplicity 2410 for me
Sassy Skirt for her

So ..... for those inspired to make skirts, Sassy Skirt only goes to a size 10 for little girls.  I took a picture of the difference in size 7 yoke and size 10 yoke.  (Most of the variation is in length and elastic back.)

The seam allowance in 1/4", so there is not much more than 1/4" on the front yoke in sizing difference.

What do you do for a larger girl (tween or teen)?  Sassy Skirt was published in 2009 and I was delighted to find the Simplicity pattern book full of dropped yoke skirts this year.  The tough part is finding the yoke that fits well, but once you do, the sky is the limit on variations you can do.

So for those tweens/teens/adults try Simplicity 2410, Simplicity 2411, Simplicity 2257, and Simplicity 2449.  Serendipity Studio's skirts are almost all dropped yoke skirts and they go to a size XXS, which is a 24" waist.  ( I tried to add a picture of their skirt, but it wouldn't behave.)

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I didn't try all my ideas for Sassy Skirt, so one day I will tackle smocking the gathered skirt, making the bias skirt circular, and adding pockets to the skirt.  The sky is the limit.

Now for the complete outfits!

Amy Butler fabric and Target t-shirt

Walmart t-shirt and Lynnie Pinnie zig zag flower,

Michael Miller fabric, Target t-shirt, Lynnie Pinnie zig-zag flower

Target tshirt and Bunnycup flower embroidery

Now, for that Easter dress.............

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