Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chambray Dixie Woven Top

StyleArc Dixie Woven Top

January was a whirlwind, but I did manage to sew a few items.  I just didn't get photos yet........

StyleArc Dixie Woven Top

Robert Kaufman chambray

Construction Notes: 
I had to laugh, because I read the instructions after I made the top.  So, there are a few missed steps. The biggest difference being the hem finish on the side.  

I found the fitting a little tough, but I am SO happy with the results.

Changes to the pattern:
1.  I found the front neckline too wide.
2.  Changed the shoulder slope for my sloping shoulders.
3.  Added about 1 1/4" to the length of the top bodice section.  The pattern drawing looked like the joining line was at the top of the bust line, so I had to move it to match mine.  
4.  Took out a little length in the center back (in the armsceye).
5.  Added a 1/2" on the left side to account for more of me.
6.  Lowered the sleeve cap and added a slight forward rotated shoulder adjustment.

What I love:
1.  Great topstitching detail on this top.
2.  After all the fit alterations, it fits like a dream.  No pulling or tight spots and I have worn it all day. It is amazing that a well fitted top doesn't move around on your body and need adjustments during the day.  It also doesn't bind when you are moving around.  Sometimes, a top is just too big overall, not this one.  Just love it.

Side View, Dixie Woven Top

Back view

Top-stitching Detail

Alterations: Sloping shoulders, narrowed the neckline, added about 1 1/4" in length

Alterations: Sloping shoulder, reduced length in center back, added length under the armsceye.

Alterations: Reduced sleeve cap height, tilted the sleeve cap for forward rotated shoulder.
My son in Austin at YMCA Youth & Government Mock Trial, 6th Place Team
Two sons receive their Eagle Scout Awards.

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